I am the CCO of uTapp which I Co-Founded in 2014. It’s an app that focuses on making getting together with a group of friends an easy and enjoyable experience. We wanted to bypass all group messaging and group planning as it takes up too much time and often creates irrelevant noise. If one tap now suffices to hail a a cab or to order food then we should have just as effortless a way to meet up. Hence uTapp.

I've led the designs for uTapp's mobile application on both iOS and Android. I am also in charge of creating the uTapp brand along with website, banners and any other marketing components. I set the art direction principles and guidelines when designing and creating for the brand.

Identifying the problem

My Co-Founders experienced a very common pain point in college. Getting together with a group of friends seemed way more cumbersome than it should have been. A simple question that merely requires a Yes or No answer such as “Hey, wanna meet up for coffee at Joy’s at 2pm after class?”, often resulted in a very long group messaging session between multiple participants, stretching to a point where nothing gets decided and no one meets up.

Let's create the solution

Soon after identifying the problem, my Co-Founders reached out to me to help them create a solution. What we came up with was to utilize an existing behavior and simply alter it to help us solve this modern day problem. Spending time with whomever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want should be as easy as a tap of a button. We believe that phones should bring us together, not keep us apart.

No group chats

What we found in our behavior along with other friends, was that group chats were very ineffective when it came to planning casual, spontaneous outings with a group of friends. A simple question would often get lost in the clutter of group messaging and chatter. Calendar invites felt too formal and Facebook events were not reliable enough. We wanted to create a platform where a person can simply ask a group of friends whether or not they want to hang out and get a simple, reliable answer back – either a Yes or a No.


A lot of uTapp's functionality has changed over the years. A good number of our ideas and hypotheses have been proven wrong in our user research and testing. Our vision and mission for uTapp has shifted a bit as well. Our goal however, has been, is, and always will be to bring people closer together. The question we are still answering is just how. Our core functionality remains the same:

  • »     Set a location
  • »     Set a time
  • »     Invite a group of friends
  • »     Enjoy!

uTapp today

uTapp is now available for download on the App Store and we are soon launching on the Google Play store as well. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve the overall experience. It has seen continuous reiteration since day one and will without a doubt continue. We believe in our product and we want to minimize the time people spend on their phones by themselves, pushing them instead to create memories with people they love. It has been a great learning experience so far and with every release and every improvement, no matter how big or small, we get one step closer to creating the easiest way to get together.