ATM finder & Mobile Cash

By leveraging Paydiant technhology, we can enable customers to find an ATM and withraw cash from their PayPal Balance using the app.

Along with leading the overall design, I created the iconography and the First-Time-Use (FTU) explanation imagery.

Although PayPal is an online digital payments company, 85% of the worlds transactions are still done in cash, which means cash is still king.

Most people use PayPal because of the security but how can we make the ATM experience more secure? Well if you use the app to withdraw cash then there's no card, which means fraudulent activities like card skimming can't exist. Personal data is stored in the cloud so it's never part of the transaction and you can cut transaction time down from an average 40 seconds to under 10 seconds! Being a global technology company, PayPal wanted to help to make the ATM experience more secure and faster.

Who is going to use this?

People who don't have bank accounts can use the PayPal Mastercard to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide, including over 25,000 free MoneyPass ATMs nationwide. They can also withdraw using the app at more than 2000 ATM locations in the US.

When and why do people use ATMs?

To help us figure out an optimal solution, we needed to talk to our customers and find out how and when they use ATMs—and whether or not withdrawing money using the app was actually appealing.

    A few insightful points we gathered:

  • All favor cards over cash and limit what they carry, typically
  • Avoid paying with cash unless they have to (i.e farmer's market)
  • ATM preference is driven primarily by convenience and no fees
  • Habitual ATM behaviors (monthly/weekends) or situational
  • Concept of cardless cash access is appealing to most

Offline vs online

This was a really interesting and cool project to work on because it touches on both the offline physical world and the online digital world. However, trying to create an optimal experience that combines the two was challenging.

    atm finder iconography:

  • Open 24 hours
  • Drive-through available
  • Weelchair accessible
  • Open maps and get directions
  • Pin on map to indicate ATM with no fees
  • Pin on map to indicate ATMs where fees apply

When testing Mobile Cash specifically, we created a scenario for the customers where they're going to lunch with a coworker and don't have cash for the tiny awesome café that doesn't accept cards.

My project manager and I actually set up a "fake" ATM using an iPad and a cardboard box. When people successfully went through the atm experience on the app, they walked to the iPad and completed the withdrawal. Although this wasn't a "real-life-experience", it did give us a good indication of how this might work in the real world.

Mobile cash First-Time-Use explanation screen
Map of ATMs nearby to use the app
A popup explaining that minimum balance has to be $20 and giving the user the option to add cash
A popup telling the user that there aren't any partnering ATMs nearby