Introduction and role

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Blood Centers of the Pacific (BCP) is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides the link between those who give blood and the patients who depend on this lifesaving gift. However, BCP is in need of blood donations. They need about 450 pints daily but have to import 25% from other sources. There are too few people who donate — mostly because they are not aware of what blood donation actually entails. About 37% of American people are eligible to donate but less than 10% actually do. The current donation experience does not reflect the importance of donating blood; it feels too generic and dull. Enhancing the user experience using a digital medium will make the donation process a more engaging and fulfilling experience. It will also help raise awareness and connect people on a more personal level.

Connecting people

One hour-long donation, can help save up to four lives. It's an intimate and personal process — an essential, life-saving element is being transferred physically from one person to another. I find connection between people to be a very interesting phenomena and by bringing the experience to a more intimate level and making the overall process more personal and engaging, it would essentially bring more people together, even after the donation process is over.

Developing research

I began by finding out why BCP was in need of blood donations. I wanted to know why people donate blood and more importantly, why people don't. I started out by simply asking people around me — friends, roommates, teammates—if they had ever donated blood. The majority of the people I asked said that they never really thought about it or they didn't have any time to do so. After speaking to a representative from the Blood Centers of the Pacific, I was told that their most avid donors are generally older people in their 40s or 50s, and that they also get a lot of donations from high school blood drives. The gap lies with millennials. They are either too busy with school or starting their career that they simply do not have time for anything else.

User flow

After figuring out that I was targeting millennials, I needed to find out, in the first place, why they weren't donating. Both the people I asked and the representative from BCP said, that they didn't have any time and were too busy to donate. I know from living in San Francisco, how precious time is. Everyone seems to be busy and on the go. Therefore, time, was definitely a huge factor in my solution. However, the donation process itself doesn't really take that long, which made me think that blood donation awareness was also a problem. I began comparing the current user journey when donating blood versus an enhanced journey that I create based off my research and findings.

current user flow

enhanced user flow

pre blood donation experience

day of donation experience

User experience and visual design

My design solution was targeted towards millennials by scheduling appointments using a very simple four-step process. While focusing mainly on time, the app will give the user a sense of how long the whole donation process will take from the moment he steps out of the door to the moment he walks out of the clinic. Using Bluetooth/Beacon technology will allow the desk at the clinic to greet the donor by name and pull up all relevant information redarding the donor. In addition, by taking advantage of the required waiting time in the rest area, the user can see what other donors are going at a similar time in order to make the overall experience more personable and enjoyable.